My Work

Staffing Robot

March 2015 - December 2016

Staffing Robot was a design, development and marketing agency specializing in full-service solutions for healthcare staffing companies. Their clients were provided with targeted branding, a bespoke WordPress website, and a detailed marketing plan. Also included was a custom job board plugin called Jobbee.

Initially I was brought on board to develop an application for Johnstone Supply, one of Staffing Robot's few non-healthcare clients. After successfully developing this project through its first phase I then took on more work for other clients including Advanced Medical, MightyNurse, and Gecko Hospitality. This work involved WordPress development plus communicating with the APIs of different job boards and applicant tracking systems.

Advanced eventually purchased Staffing Robot and subsequently shut down all client-based work. Many of these companies did not have web developers on their staff and I contracted with some of them to continue supporting their websites, job boards, and hosting services.

Designed by James Gifford in Oregon with Laravel