James Gifford

Hello, my name is James Gifford and I enjoy working with a wide range of modern technologies to create web applications and services. My approach to web development is the same as with my other passions in life: seek out new challenges and never stop learning.

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My Abilities

I have experience with many aspects of web development


The best project managers must be well-versed in the requirements of their projects. I bring to the table years of experience in organizing projects of all sizes.


Whether architecting an application from the ground-up, integrating new features into an exiting codebase, or simply fixing an annoying bug I know how to write effective code.


The best projects are never truly complete. I can handle the analysis, testing, and maintenance necessary to ensure things are working at maximum effectiveness.

"Having employed web developers for years, I can tell you that James Gifford is the developer any company would want on their team."

Jason Lander, Staffing Robot

My Skills

Here are some of the technologies I work with

"He is quick to adapt to rapidly changing business requirements and often showed insight into gaps in planning presented to him by management. I highly recommend James and his work as a programmer."

Chad Dahlstrom, HostBaby

My Work

Some of the people and projects I've worked with recently

Contact Me

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